Looking Back: Twenty Fifteen

Feb 9, 2016

Taking a step back and revelling over the past year is always deeply fulfilling, albeit a bit bittersweet. Great many a things transpired in 2015: our honeymoon, a half marathon PR, and finding out we were expecting to name a few. As the dust settles transitioning into a new year, I look with fondness on each moment this past year, the lessons learned and happiness that ensued, gazing forward for what is to come in 2016.

Half Marathon PR (2:18:05) and subsequent physical therapy that taught me a tremendous amount with regards to running more efficiently.

Collaborating with Class Pass (other collaborations include: eshaktiinfluensterbulu box) stepping outside of my fitness comfort zone and truly challenging my mental and physical toughness.  Most popular post in 2015:  class pass review

Day of dance with my mom, trying my hand at buti yoga

Running with my favorite guy: ferguson 5k (he won), chardonnay 5k (I won)

Miles and Rubin turned three!

Perfecting chantilly cream, then consuming it shamelessly and with reckless abandon every chance we had heavy cream on hand (often).

Taking a couples cooking class

Conquering the perfect carbonara, tackling twice baked potatoes, recreating shake shack burgers and fries (then having the real thing!), hosting an epic mexican fiesta

Attempting arroz con pollo on a whim (and nailing it, so good), High Tea with two incredible women I'm fortunate enough to be related to, enjoying local (walking) foodie events: sweet tooth tour, caffeine crawl.

Our  honeymoon in Quebec

Beginning our master bedroom remodel (its is almost complete, I think/pray), road trips a plenty -- mothers day, trips with houndsfourth of july. Outdoor picnics in the dozens and being home alone for the first time (yep, it was bliss)

Celebrating our one year wedding anniversary

Finding out and announcing our pregnancy; curating maternity wardrobe

Insanely fun road trip with friends to Nashville

Quick trip to Phoenix to visit family

Celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, impending parenthood and the need for some serious sunshine with a long, leisurely trip to Santa Barbara, San Diego and Las Vegas (recap coming soon!)

Creating our own Christmas traditions

Shifting focus to 2016, there won't be many changes around these parts. I'll continue to share on all my favorites things (travel, fitness and the like), along with including family posts as ours expands in the coming (t-minus seven!) weeks. If there is anything you'd love to see more (or less) of I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or feel free to email me: mgingerpiper@gmail.com 

In 2016 I resolve (see prior years NYR) to focus on one thing, FAMILY, which is fitting with the abundance of change upon our horizon. Enjoying them, honoring them, being still in the small moments, capturing even the most mundane of memories via camera and spending copious amounts of quality time with each of them as our roles shift, priorities change, and transitions occur. I  am blown over by God's grace and eternally grateful for the blessing that is, our family.

Thank you for following along with our journey, I'm so glad you're here.

Here's to an abundant 2016!

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