Everyday, Ordinaire: Week 4

Mar 9, 2016

Sundae Bar

Stencil, fail

My birth coach has requested (via drawing) a whistle and "coach" shirt.  Yes, those are booty shorts.

My husband, the comedian

Scotch Egg (at Burns Night)

Far tastier than I'd imagined.

DIY all purpose cleaner. Works like a dream

Watch dogs who take their job very (very) seriously these days

Diaper Fiesta!

Best nut butter sandwich I've ever had.



  1. You make your own cleaner? So impressed.
    Is that cream cheese along with nut butter on that sammy? If so, I'll take two.
    That workout tank!! I desperately wanted one while preggo with Julia. It never happened. I'm so glad you're rocking one though!


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