Day in the Life: Eight Weeks

Jun 17, 2016

4:12a Owen begins to stir; roll over and give him his pacifier while patting him softly {his bassinet}

6:38 Rise n' shine!

6:41 Change O diaper while Mark warms up his bottle

6:50 Breastfeed 

6:54 Mark brings me Coffee (hallelujah!) along with a bottle to top off O

7:21 Eat my breakfast while watching the Today Show and playing with O

8:14 O goes down for his first nap. I thumb through Baby Wise, shop online for birth announcements, pay bills and watch TV

10:37 O wakes up; we head downstairs to prep his bottle, let the dogs out to potty and get a snack for me

10:47 Change his diaper, feed him, playtime, continue working on birth announcements

11:40 Barf + poo 1,2 punch

11:55 O naps in my arms while I eat a snack with my right hand

2:24p O wakes up right after I prepare a snack, so long warm food. I sneak a bite before he gets too fussy

2:30 Diaper change, feed O, then eat snack (with both hands!) while making reservations for our first night out that weekend with friends (thanks again for babysitting Jennifer!)

3:13 Eat lunch and email Mark suggesting we make a trip to the Amalfi coast, ASAP. We email back and forth about vacation ideas for next year

3:25 Feed O, playtime. He gets pretty fussy so I sing/talk/sway/rock/pray he calms down before he completely melts down

4:00 O finally falls asleep, whew! Overtiredness is REAL

4:30 O wakes from his cat nap and we snuggle in bed

4:45 Daddy's home!

4:58 Hand off O to Mark, take my vitamins that I keep forgetting to take

5:10 Workout (Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy) while Mark, O and the hounds take a walk

5:54 Skip cool down to squeeze in a long shower before the guys get back. Totally worth it

6:15 Feed O, do laundry, prep cloth wipes, wash diapers, prep bottles, change his poopy diaper and give him a bird bath while Mark tends to dinner and the hounds -- I say "team", you say "work"

7:25 Mark calls upstairs to tell me dinner is ready. Salmon (well done for me) and sauteed kale. So good.

8:11 Head upstairs, watch tv, play with O, finish birth announcements and show to Mark (as a courtesy, he gave me full project control), only to have him dislike it (ugh). Make edits and resubmit order

9:25 Diaper change, Swaddle and feed O. Watch tv in bed with the guys while snuggling O until he falls asleep. Pass out while watching TV moments later, likely

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