Monday Musings

Jun 20, 2016

Grab button for mm

  1. Let's have an ice cream social, asap
  2. Ready, set -- BAKE!
  3. If anyone needs me (in October), I'll be here. I can already foresee the proximity to home being an issue. A delicious issue indeed
  4. You guys, I just discovered Venmo, and considering I NEVER carry cash this is epic
  5. Perfect for a hot summer day 
  6. Annoying little things -- #1 tops the list for me
  7. Note to self: try #13 and #14
  8. I'm not a big red meat fan but(!) thislooks phenomenal
  9. Practicing these poses before my next Stitch Fix arrives
  10. Owen is not quite old enough to appreciate this, but gah -- so cool

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