Everyday, Ordinaire: Week 24

Jul 20, 2016

I had dinner (the ricotta doughnuts are incredible!) with friends from high school -- we went to a super small school (21 kids in our graduating class!) and I consider myself extremely blessed to still keep in touch after all these years. Wait, did I just date myself? Man, that made me feel old..

We celebrated Father's Day with three of our favorite dads: Mark, his dad, and his grandpa. Three generations of Pipers! It was a jam packed weekend -- drove up to Mark's hometown on Friday, went to the Peoria Chiefs game Saturday, then on Father's Day we had coffee at my favorite coffee shop in my husbands hometown, followed by brunch with the family before heading home. Owen did fantastic considering all the windshield time we had, but best believe he was over his car seat once we got home! That night we had dinner with friends to round out the celebrations and Mark loved his gifts from Owen -- a happy (first) Father's Day indeed.

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