Monday Musings

Jul 4, 2016

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  1. Really enjoying YHL Podcast + the Show Notes is perfection. Tell me, what's your favorite podcast?
  2. Darling little beach towns I'd love to visit. Who am I kidding, I want to go EVERYWHERE. Let's "travel the world", is my motto. Along with, "yes, I'm always hungry".
  3. Queen, Bea
  4. Someone invite me to their wedding, mama wants to dance
  5. HBO + SJP together again
  6. This drink sounds so refreshing, but I'm a bit of a La Croix purest. Ice cold, straight from the can in as few gulps possible. Like a lady
  7. Oh I cry, every darn time
  8. 2/3 through this book -- fascinating read thus far
  9. Chair dancing to Pandora's Summer Hits 2016 station
  10. It is so hot outside and all I want to eat is ice cream (cake), and more ice cream (cake)

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