Owen: Month, Four

Jul 29, 2016

Biggest Milestone: This was your first time in the water and on sand. Neither phased you one bit. And seeing you in your swimsuit? Eek.

Hardest Challenge: You buck like a bronco when you have had enough of one position. Which makes holding you super easy in those moments. Not.

Most Memorable: Sitting so proud in your exersaucer. It's the cutest to see you enjoy your newfound freedom.

Favorite Photo:

Longest Stretch of Sleep: Same as month three. Same zero complaints.

-- Journal --

Everything goes into your mouth. See also, DROOL.

We pulled out the exersaucer a bit early and you love it!

First time to the (man made) beach!

Daddy went away on his first business trip.

The enormous smile you wake up with each day explodes my mama heart into a million pieces.

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  1. Beach baby!!!
    Also. Did you not JUST post the 3 month update? Surely we are not to 4 months already...


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