Owen: Month, Three

Jul 23, 2016

Biggest Milestone: Trying to sit up! It looks like you are trying to do crunches, and the little baby grunt that goes along with it? Slays me. The cutest.

Hardest Challenge: Tummy time. Not a fan. Nope. 

Most Memorable: Curiosity of your surroundings. You love watching Miles and Rubin and will even pet them. Let's start the countdown now as to when you begin tormenting them.

Favorite Photo:

Longest Stretch of Sleep: Oh man, I dread saying this aloud for fear of jinxing it. As of late, you get tired around 8/9, and go down for the night at 11 after you eat dinner #2. Then, you rise happy as a lark around 6/7. No complaints. Zero. 

-- Journal --

You have the most infectious belly laughs.

Squirrel! Curiosity is the name of the game and you crane your neck to get a peek at everything.

Bath time is slowly becoming more and more interesting for you (i.e. no banshee screams).

You've graduated to level two (bottle) nipples.

Your hair is lightening up.

Drool, all day.

First Peoria Chiefs Game

In your eyes, tummy time = abuse

Banshee screams have reached a new octave

You are trying to sit up and my mama heart can't take it!

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  1. "Squirrel!" LOL!! As far as I've seen, that doesn't change much as they get older.
    He is the cutest. And, I'd LOVE for O to drop Julia a line or two about the whole sleeping business. She could use a tip (or 12).


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