Pregnancy Reading List

Jul 13, 2016

There is no handbook for parenthood, but these books gave us a boost of confidence, copious amounts of tips to try, and above all comfort in knowing parenthood is the hardest, most overwhelming yet fulfilling job, and to stop and truly savor every last stage because they truly pass swiftly. 

AAP: Caring for your baby and young child -- Quick reference guide for each stage that I (try) to read monthly

Belly Laughs -- Side splitting super quick read I couldn't put down

Taking Charge of Your Fertility -- My family planning bible (read more, here) for understanding my body and fertility

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding -- Daunting read (i.e. massive book), but a good guide to flip through as needed. I also went to a La Leche League Meeting that was very warm and super informative

Bringing Up Bebe -- An American's take on French parenting. My husband read this as well and really enjoyed it

Baby Wise -- A nice guide on setting schedules, naps and the like

Husband Coached Childbirth -- Our childbirth guide. I really wanted a non-medicated birth if possible, and this book along with the Bradley Method (Riannon was awesome, if you are in the STL area) classes were paramount for us both and provide ample ways to really provoke thought on the kind of birthing experience you'd like and being as informed as possible

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  1. Holy cow, you read so many books about pregnancy/childbirth!! I'm pretty sure the only book I read (with either kid) was Belly Laughs.


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