Teenage Con Artist

Aug 11, 2016

Watching the Olympics brought back some seriously fond memories of my first job as a gymnastics coach. Head Level 4/5 Coach, Assistant Head Coach Levels 6-9, Director of the Cheerleading program and Head Coach Competitive Cheerleading to be exact.  Many a hats were worn, and what began as a con to get my driver's license turned into a full time job that I had until I graduated from undergrad and I look back often on my time as uncontested my best job, to date.

-- backstory--

A few many moons ago, sixteen year old Marcia got a job, which scheme-of-all-schemes was to provide maximum undue stress on my mother toting three children to various extracurriculars so that she would allow me to get my driver's license because " I have a job and wouldn't be soooo much easier on you not to cart me to and fro...". Martyr is, moi. Sly woman that she is saw my hand four miles away and after congratulating me on joining the workforce, she oh so subtly dropped the bombshell that no, I would not be getting my driver's license, and they she would happily drive me to and from. 

Wait, what?! 

You win mom, you WIN.

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