What's In My: Hospital Bag

Aug 3, 2016

There's nothing quite like your friend going into early labor (Hey Christine!) to give us a swift kick in the pants to pack our hospital bags. Granted, technically I had my ipad and trail mix, so I was pretty much...nope.

Below are the contents of our bags with items actually used in bold.  Note: Our bag is based on Spring (March) temperatures.


  1. Franklin Covey Planner + Pen -- feeding notes, jotting down memories, gifts, etc
  2. Chapstick -- before/during/after childbirth. My lips got so chapped!
  3. Laundry bag
  4. Socks -- supplied by the hospital
  5. Nursing bra/tanks -- opted to wear a chic combo of hospital gown + pajama pants
  6. Underwear -- use the mesh underwear they give you, along with the pad + ice pack, tucks pad, dermaplast combo they give you, TRUST ME. Side note: I never used the padsicles I made.
  7. Pajama bottoms -- sans waistband because, comfort
  8. Robe -- to look a bit more put together for trips down the hall and for visitors 
  9. Clothes -- I wore the same outfit to/from the hospital so spending hours debating that choice was, well spent. Not.
  10. SRC Recovery Shorts
  11. Toiletries -- I packed all of my delicious smelling favorites. The first shower = bliss 
  12. Ipad + Charger -- to Facetime family/friends + late night Netflix'ing when your husband says the light from the TV is "too bright" but you aren't at all tired even though you just birthed a human. And he's exhausted from watching
  13. Gopro + Tripod -- a good idea in theory, but I was the camera person and the one delivering the baby so... Next time I'll delegate that task
  14. Vitamin Water -- to replenish electrolytes
  15. Extension Cord/Surge Protector -- because you can't reach your phone when its plugged into the wall. Genius tip Christine!
  16. Flip Flops 
  17. Birth Preferences x 10 -- we gave a copy to triage and the nurse once in our room. Ten copies may have been excessive...
  18. Hospital Forms -- just in case they lost the copy I mailed prior
  19. Cord Blood Info -- just in case they lost my info
  20. Cell + Charger 
  21. Camera + Charger
  22. Baby Book -- for footprints after birth (our nurse did ours)
  23. Gift for the nurses -- a little something {bath fizzy} + a sweet thank you note for each of my and the baby's nurse. Six was perfect for our two day stay
  24. Snacks: trail mix, hard candy, Clif Bars
  25. Mini OJ -- post childbirth celebration (via Bradley Method)
  26. Champagne -- I REALLY wanted to, but decided to stare at my baby instead
  27. Call list -- handy to have so we didn't forget to tell anyone
  28. Towel + face cloth -- use the hospitals, TRUST ME.


  1. Car seat
  2. Hat
  3. Receiving blanket
  4. Going home outfit
  5. Mittens
  6. Socks


  1. Money for snacks
  2. Toiletries  -- he used the hospital towels also
  3. Clothes
  4. Flip flops
  5. Phone charger
  6. License + insurance info
  7. Tennis shoes
  8. Sweater -- because your wife is boiling hot post childbirth and turns the AC to 65
  9. Pillow + blanket
  10. Swim trunks -- for use if I labored in the shower
  11. Coach guide
  12. Games -- phase 10 anyone?
  13. Movies -- for lulls while laboring. My choice? My Cousin Vinny.

And because I'm now "that mom"...

A photo. 

Pro Tip: Leave room in your bag -- take EVERYTHING in your room that isn't nailed down especially; baby nose aspirator (it's better than any of the ones we've purchased, hands down), dermaplast (your lady parts will thank you), formula (in case of feeding emergency), and the tiny hat. For memories.

Did you have a birth plan/preferences?

What did you eat post delivery? It was almost midnight once we got to our room (i.e. no food). That clif bar was the best thing I ever ate.


  1. I honestly cannot remember what I packed, or even ate after I delivered. But I remember I was STARVING because the c-section is a surgery, and you can't eat 10 hours prior. Even better. You can't eat a few hours after because of the anesthesia. I do remember wanting to eat an entire horse. I'm pretty sure at some point I begged and pleaded for Scott to grab some sushi from a restaurant nearby. It was hands down the. best. spicy tuna I'd ever inhaled.

  2. Oh my gosh, Marcia....I was reading this and thought I had missed something. I was like, I know she just had Owen not too long ago...is she expecting again? I had to go back and make sure!!! Time does fly...but!! Thanks for the giggle!! I get it now!

  3. I'm just going to bookmark this list for next time... :)

    1. Well, I basically used the tips you gave me when I came to see you guys in the hospital :)


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