Owen: month five

Sep 26, 2016

Biggest Milestone: rolling over!

Hardest Challenge: sleep regression + cold = whoa

Most Memorable Moment: giving you a watermelon slice and watching you go.to.town

Sleep: mostly unchanged, save for the cold + sleep regression week o' fun

Favorite photo:


Bedtime is a smidge earlier (8 instead of 9). Baby needs his beauty rest

Bought a bumbo seat and you were like, "freedom!"

Sleep regression is, so real and, so awful. Are those night terrors? Heaven help me

Mama gifted you and daddy with her cold. No need to thank me...

Hold me as I sleep? Ok.

Swapped your (stroller) bassinet for the chair and you loooove it. If anyone needs mama, she'll be in the corner, weeping.

You hair is really starting to fill in and grow. So many changes, wee one.

When you lean all the way back (while sitting in my lap) to look someone in the eyes. Dead.

Toes, meet mouth

Grab faced slobbery kisses? Yes, please!

looking back: {month} one/two/three/four

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, I need to squeeze this little man. SO DAMN CUTE.
    So sorry about the sleep regression. Those are 0% fun. I hope this one passes quickly for you.
    Toes to the mouth and slobbery kisses rank among my favorite things of all time.
    Happy 5 Months, little man!


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