Photo Diary: Crowned

Sep 28, 2016

A sucker for anything touted as "crafty" I lept at the opportunity to attend a flower crown workshop a few weeks ago with my pal Amie replete with champagne. Lots and lots of champagne. Held at the new coworking space, Roar, Laura put on a fantastic fete filled with droll worthy confections by Amanda (I've been swooning over her instagram for months after her latest piece in Feast Magazine), styling tips by Elizabeth and gorgeous photos by Abby, who totally indulged us and our new friends/tablemates Kate and Janelle in a giggle worthy impromptu photo session.

I won't lie, it is still difficult to leave my sweet baby, but I'm so grateful I carved out some time for myself and had a wonderful evening in the process. It really is the little things sometimes.


  1. You had me at champagne. And cupcakes. And Amie.
    Speaking of... Hospital Hill. Shall we attempt a round 2?

    1. Yes!! Yes!! we should totally do hospital hill!!! I just sent Marcia the info for next year! We have to talk Marcia into it... (you can totally bring your baby and hubs Marcia 😂😉😊)


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