The Art of Gesticulating Wildly (and Self-Care)

Sep 27, 2016

Once I got pregnant I felt a primal need to protect our baby and began taking a hard look at my eating habits, fitness routine and the like to do everything in my power for our baby to thrive. Naturally, postpartum it became evident I needed to apply this standard of care to myself as well. Enter Cora (gracious post sponsor!) 100% percent premium organic tampons standing proud behind their mission for a "fearless period" {read the story behind their phenomenal cause here}.  The more I read and educated myself it became clear: the less toxic chemicals in my body, the better wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter I can be.

As someone who is notorious for shoving a tampon into my bra/pocket/boot/sleeve, it was a relief not to worry about dropping said feminine product mid walk to the restroom, because how embarrassing is it to fling your tampon from your sleeve mid gesture?! I'm asking a for a friend... The little black clutch (hold two tampons and two light day pads or four tampons), and stowaways (that resemble a tube of lipstick, genius!) are not only chic, but discreet as well so there' no need to play "hide the feminine product".  To take it one step further, Cora has a seriously posh little black box (which stash a month's supply) for home use as well, eliminating the need to hide the tampon box behind the sink/toilet.

Adding amazing to awesome, you can subscribe to Cora (shipped every three months) and have it delivered to your door step based on your needs, without the hassle of a mad dash to the store. But should you be at say, Target, you could grab them there without skipping a beat.

Cora is offering Y29 readers $5 off your first order with code: CORA5MARCIA

What are some ways YOU practice self care? I make an effort to take time to curl my hair and dress with thought most days, though other areas (fitness, and choosing more earth friendly products) are very much a work in progress.

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  1. LOL! I'm totally guilty of hiding said feminine products in the most ridiculous places. This is a GENIUS idea!!


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