Maternity Wardrobe Top Picks

Oct 12, 2016

The challenge with dressing while pregnant was fun, mostly. Just getting an outfit on resulted in full body sweats and more than a fair share of frustration because something that fit last week may not fit this week. Knowing that this season of pregnancy is short (in theory -- ten months is a loooooong time when you're the gestator), I was mindful not to get too carried away with purchases, and staying true to pieces that made me feel the most confident. Thankfully, a friend (hi Jessie!) had a baby girl about a year before me and graciously loaned me her entire maternity wardrobe. ENTIRE WARDROBE. In hindsight Owen should have been named after her because it made the effort of getting dress easy, on my mental state, and my wallet. 

The pieces I did invest in (list is not inclusive) gave me plenty of styling options and made me feel like a million bucks. Till I had to get up and use the restroom for the millionth time because, babies tap dance on bladders. 

Favorite maternity brands: Ingrid and Isabel /H+M /ASOS /Stitch Fix / Old Navy

ASOS black maxi dress $22 {worn here -- 2nd row, 1st photo}

Ingrid and Isabel bella band

Stitch Fix leggings {worn here}

H+M workout top {non-maternity; worn pregnant here + postpartum here}

Ingrid and Isabel capris {I love these so much after wearing hers I bought a pair for me and wear them shamelessly}

Nordstrom tunic {non-maternity; worn at our wedding brunch; I bought a few more in different colors}

Joes jeans (another borrowed favorite that I bought for myself)

Nursing Bras: seamless (trust me, the less fabric binding you, the better) + sleep

Stitch fix navy shirt {worn here}

Stitch fix navy dress {worn at our baby shower}

Old Navy pajama pants {non-maternity; worn here}

Nursing tank tops

James Perse dress {already owned, non-maternity; worn here}

Nursing nightgown (the epitome of comfy. Mild support, effortless nursing ease)

What were some of your favorite pieces to wear while pregnant?


  1. I really like the asos and old navy dress. Zullily has a lot of cheap maternity clothes. I am trying stitch fix out this month for maternity clothes for the first time. I want a good nursing nightgown if you have any recommendations.

    1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I updated the post to include nursing gowns (thx for the remider :), this is the one I have and it was super helpful (and cozy):

  2. My favorite maternity items... Scott's t-shirts and mesh athletic shorts. We would literally battle for them at the end of the day!


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