Working On My Fitness: August

Oct 5, 2016

Half marathon training began, and along with it the need for me to initiate time management/logistics. Waking up before Owen is laughable, while working out after work is laughable considering I haven't seen my baby all day and need, desperately to spend quality time with the family before we pass out from exhaustion to repeat it all over again. And in the fact running feels like I'm starting all over again and well, the struggle is REAL.

If anyone has any ideas on making the time (to workout), holla at your girl. 

1 Sick; a cold that I spread to the entire house. Oops
2 Sick
3 Sick
4 Sick
5 Sick
6 Walk; Cardinals Game 
7 Walk (3 mi) with Owen to brunch
8 Run/Walk (2 mi) + strengthening exercises + foam roll
9 Tracy Anderson Method Post Pregnancy 2 (Arms)
10 Rest
11 Rest
12 Walk to Food Truck Friday
13 Run/Walk with fast finish (4 mi) + strengthening exercises
15 Rest
16 Rest
17 Rest
18 Rest 
19 Road Trip to take baby sister to college
20 (Road Trip) Walk (2.4 mi) to get Pineapple Whip
21 Run/Walk (4 mi) + strengthening exercises
22 Rest
23 Run/Walk (3 mi) + foam roll + strengthening exercises
24 Rest
25 Run/Walk (4mi) 
26 Walk (1hr)
27 Happy Birthday to me! Rest
28 Run/Walk (5 mi) + core + foam roll + strengthening exercises
29 Rest
30 Run/Walk (3 mi) + 20 push ups + Planks + Foam Roll
31 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy 2 (Legs) + 20 push ups 


  1. I really like the Tracy Anderson method, and am currently doing her pregnancy DVDs during this pregnancy. I like Jillian Michaels 30 day shred too, because they're only 20 minutes

    1. Her pregnancy DVD is great! I'll have to check out Jillian Michaels, 20 minutes is right up my alley -- thanks for the tip :)

  2. Look at you, kicking butt and taking names. Get it momma!

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