Owen: month seven

Nov 11, 2016

Biggest Milestone: First ride on an airplane. I'm extremely happy to report you slept both ways, and seemed unfazed, praise Jesus.

Hardest Challenge: Wiping your nose. Ugh.

Most Memorable Moment: The smile on your face as you pulled yourself up to standing in the crib AND the smile on your face when you crawled across the room for the first time. Double happy dance.

Sleep: unchanged in sleep time. Transitioning you into your own bed after a busy few weeks of travel, is a whole other story...

Favorite Photo:


Egg shakers (in music class) are delicious

Latest trick: sharp inhaling

Are you (vehemently) shaking your head no at me?!

Airplane window shade = free toy

Scoots backwards, sideways and takes a few paces forward. Houston, we need to babyproof.

Can "smile" for the camera

looking back: {month} one/two/three/four/five/six

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  1. Seven. Impossible!
    What is it with wiping the nose? Massive struggle over here as well.


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