Salute Your (Postpartum Recovery) Shorts

Nov 8, 2016

If you've yet to experience the miracle that is childbirth (read Owen's birth story, here), let me tell you -- it does not end once your baby is born as I naively assumed. Oh, how utterly clueless I am (insert wide eyed emoji).

The journey postpartum is in fact, a JOURNEY. 

My torso postpartum was a big, mound of flesh resembling jello (I'll spare you that visual) that mercifully fit into my exceedingly couture maternity leave wardrobe of -- pajamas covered in baby fluids. Having stumbled upon SRC Recovery Shorts at some point in the first few months of motherhood I didn't hesitate to reach out and offer to put my postpartum body to the test. 

Compression shorts designed specifically to be supportive and not restricting, the SRC recovery shorts utilize compression on the pelvis, back, and abdominal muscles (here's looking at you, diastasis recti) offering core and back stability. 

Taking into consideration sleeping on my back was near impossible (due to searing low back pain), the general aches and pains associated with healing and diastasis recti (located close to and around my belly button). All signs pointed to a positive experience, so why not alleviate some discomfort in the process? 

Find Your Size

I donned the recovery shorts (size medium, for reference) under my outfits and wear as workout shorts seamlessly (for about 9 hours a day) while feeling pulled together, literally. My back pain subsided (hallelujah!) and within days I noticed a marked reduction in postpartum swelling and smoothing out of my abdominal skin. I should also mention they were comfortable and easy to get on/off. 

Now seven months postpartum, I constantly turn to my SRC recovery shorts to give me added stability as I work to regain core strength lost during pregnancy. 

Next time around, I've got my eye on this pair of leggings and I've already added the recovery shorts to my hospital bag packing list.

*SRC Health gave me a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are based on my postpartum body, and are my own.

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