Working On My (Postpartum) Fitness: October

Nov 16, 2016

First 5k postpartum -- check!  It was rough, I am so out of (running) shape and my lack of training showed. But, there were a sweet, blissful few moments when I wasn't focusing on how slow I was, or how much it hurt and it reminded me of that rush of running a race and the thrill of just running for the heck of it. I'll get back to loving running someday, right?

1 TAM Express: abs + PT exercises
2 Run/walk with Owen in the jogging stroller -- 1.86 mi.(so much harder than it looks)
3 Rest
4 Physical Therapy/ASYTM
5 Rest
6 50 Kettlebell swings
7 Walk to Food Truck Friday
8 Walk Zoo; Owen's 1st visit. Grandpa Rex + Uncle Jay came down to spend the weekend with us which was so fun.
9 Rest: Pumpkin patch with us three, plus my mom, his dad and brother
10 Rest
12 Rest
13 Rest; head to Detroit!
14 Walk (what feels like every inch of) Greenfield Village
15 1st Postpartum 5k!!! (33:49) -- Jennifer made a sign that was incredible. People kept stopping and asking to take photo with it.
16 Rest; so sore...
17 Rest; travel home
18 Rest
19 TAM Express: Upper body
20 Rest
21 Rest
22 Slow Flow Vinyasa (75 min.)
23 Rest
24 100 sit ups + TAM Express: lower body
25 Rest
26 Rest
27 Rest
28 Rest; Family weekend at MSU with Jaleesa
29 Run/walk HILLS (15 min.) + walk MSU massive campus
30 Rest; return home
31 Rest; Happy Halloween! from Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sadler, and our baby dinosaur

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