Working On My (Postpartum) Fitness: September

Nov 9, 2016

That shooting pain in my rear and inability to sleep on my stomach postpartum? Diagnosis, Piriformis (and severely weak core from carrying a baby for 39 weeks). In addition to that, my training just wasn't where I hoped it be this far along in the training cycle, so I bumped down from the international half to the 5k. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed, but its for the best for me right now. Plus, playing with Owen is way more fun :)

1 Run/Walk with fast finish -- 3 mi.
2 Rest
3 Rest
4 Run/Walk -- 3 mi.
5 Family walk (3.15 mi.) + Planks 45s x 2
6 1 mi. ladder run/walk
7 Rest
9 Rest; Head to Princeton for Mark's class reunion
10 Rest
11 Rest; return home
12 Walk; Cubs v. Cards game
13 Walk; Cubs v. Cards game
14 Run 2 mi. (ahead of pace!)
15  Rest;Ortho appointment. Diagnosis? Piriformis -- physical therapy here I come!
16 Rest
17 Run 1 mi. + Walk fall fest
18 Rest
19 Sick
20 Sick
21 Rest; saw Bridget Jones Baby
22 Rest
23 Physical Therapy
24 Rest
25 Walk to brunch
26 TAM Express: Arms and Shoulders
27 Physical Therapy, ASTYM
28 Rest
29 TAM Express: Arms
30 Rest; Blind Pilot concert

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