Monday Musings

Dec 19, 2016

Grab button for mm
  1. Planning to do this with Owen in the coming weeks because you can't go wrong running and seeing Christmas lights.
  2. On me-time and mom guilt. Ugh. Guilty.
  3. A hot glue gun for...cheese. Why?!
  4. Thanks, Netflix!
  5. Crossing my fingers I can go here, before it ends.
  6. Yet another reason for (willing!) giving Amazon my entire paycheck each month because, hello convenient.
  7. I need this lasagna in my life, NOW.
  8. National Geographics  best photos of the 2016.
  9. Couldn't agree more on this piece about siblings
  10. Which is better, real or artificial? We had artificial growing up, as an adult I love the scent of (real tree) pine wafting through the house. We (ok Mark) composts our tree locally in the park.
also, this: How is it Christmas already?! HOW? I'm still in disbelief. Emily Giffin came out with a reading list that I am chomping at the bit to read each one. Teething is -- (insert wide eyed emoji). Couple in a virus and well, it could be worse. In the meantime I'll happily soak in the extra snuggles, and giggle/gag each time he wipes his nose on my clothes because, I'm a human kleenex?

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