Owen: month eight

Dec 2, 2016

Each month I marvel at how much you grow (so fast! so big!) -- broken record cliches' guilty as perpetually charged. 

You are officially on the move crawling {video} (usually towards light sockets or our shoes), babble incessantly, are getting the hang of drinking water out of a sippy cup, but much prefer to drink out of a real glass which is the cutest thing to watch, in my opinion. You weathered your first election day like a champ, content in lines at the poll for well over an hour with nary a toy, or snacks #momfail. 

To the kind gentleman in front of me who mopped up your vomit -- there is a special place in heaven for you.

Biggest Milestone: clapping your hands, waving, and banging the tambourine in music class (instead of eating it)

Hardest Challenge: you prefer to stand/crawl towards things you shouldn't have and become quite frustrated when your demand is not met. Quite frustrated. Yowza.

Most Memorable Moment: how you smoosh your face into the pack n' play walls (trying to kiss/taunt) the dogs.

Food: once you realized what was going on at meal time, you eat what we eat (for the most part -- no chinese/sushi) and straight refuse teether wafers/puffs (lasted maybe a month with those). We do a combo of BLW and purees*, depending on your mood, which is fine by me because holy mess BLW (see below photo).

Current favorites include (but not limited to): greek yogurt, potatoes (in any form, especially sweet potatoes), banana (mashed with cinnamon), bits of cheese, chicken, beef, soft scrambled egg, apples (any form) and of course, ice cream.

*As expected I love(!) making your baby food. Squeeze pouches are a breeze to store/use and along with this cookbook has proved their worth over and over again thus far. Should we be out for an extended period/travelling, I gravitate towards Happy Baby pouches (you don't refrigerate until opened so you don't have to bring a cooler) and creamies (you have Cheerios at daycare). 

Sleep: duration unchanged (7:30/8p - 6:30-7p). But it's official, we co-sleep. At some point we will make a concerted effort to transition you back into your bed (is bed regression a thing?!), but for now we are all soaking up the extra snuggles.

Naps: two, 30-45 minutes naps at daycare, one short (but NEEDED) catnap on the way home, and usually two or three 45-60 min. naps on weekends. 

Favorite Photo: 

covered in baked potato

looking back: {month} one/two/three/four/five/six/seven

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  1. MOBILE! Eating REAL food! STOP IT!!
    But really, you are so lucky to have such a good eater. My kids refuse most meat, and survive mainly on ketchup and macaroni. If only I was kidding...


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