Looking Back: Two Thousand Sixteen

Jan 11, 2017

My sole focus of 2016 was family. Enjoying them, honoring them, being still in the small moments, capturing even the most mundane of memories and spending copious amounts of quality time with them. I can unequivocally say -- we did just that.

The first few months were spent glucose testing (and retesting), in bradley method classes, taking infant CPR, faithfully attending prenatal yoga and ob visits, getting last minute brazilians, mani-pedis, indulging in leisurely lunches/dinners with friends and as a couple, growing more and more excited to meet our gender surprise. Once Owen was born {birth story} we tedious (and exhausting) navigation of our new roles as parents and partners, rallying together for a scary ER visit because of some gnarly postpartum swelling, the journey of breastfeeding (I cherish those moments so, so much), successfully attending one of my closest friends wedding two weeks postpartum with Owen in tow.  Enjoying those mama dates/texts/emails with my fellow new mama friends whom I cannot thank enough for just "getting it" and to my mom, who relocated my hair appointments to my house which saves so much time and so much effort -- she is THE best. Weathered the gut wrenching loss of Mark's mother Debbie a month after Owen was born. Returning to work after a well savored maternity leave, having a true treat of my youngest sister Jaleesa nanny  for us over summer at our house, thoroughly spoiling us. We hosted 4th of July, took Owen to a handful of baseball games (that he slept through), moved Jaleesa to college then returned again for family weekend, attended music class as a family -- created a sweet Saturday ritual of class followed by lunch that I eagerly look forward to again next session. We visited my middle sister Jennifer in Michigan and ran my first 5k postpartum, celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and, thoroughly savored each small moment in between.  

2016, you had some tremendous highs and sobering lows.

For 2017, my  goals {thus far} are: to finally perfect my belgian waffle, establish fitness consistency, make a concerted effort for date nights in after Owen is asleep and continuing to get out, just us, at least once a month. Taking care of my cuticles! Getting more comfortable with my gopro.


  1. Such a great 2016! I need to be more consistent with fitness too and do more date night. Oh the mom struggle! Happy 2017!

  2. 2016 was pretty good to you. Though the lows were serious blows, I think you experienced the highest of highs. Looking forward to following along to see what 2017 has in store for you and your sweet family.


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