Monday Musings

Jan 23, 2017

Grab button for mm
  1. De-cluttering your home, by month.
  2. Throwback! I loved these as a kid. 
  3. How your hotel stay has changed over the years.
  4. Totally late to the trend, but I want to try bone broth.
  5. Wanderlusting.
  6. Designer picks when given $100 to Ikea.
  7. Oddly fascinated by this and curious to try it out.
  8. This trick to brown meat will come in handy.
  9. Trader Joe's customer favorites.
  10. The Interns kitchen, no contest.
also, this: Nest diffusers. Game changer for a staunch candle gal who forgets to blow out said candles. The smell is lovely and light. Converted to an electric toothbrush (on sale) and it was such a good deal Mark asked for one too. 

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