Owen: Month Nine

Jan 20, 2017

This month was filled with baths in the sink, your first (and second) incident report at daycare, playing peek-a-boo, seeing Wild Zoo Lights with friends and quality time with grandma while mama and papa celebrated their anniversary.

Biggest Milestone: clicking your tongue

Hardest Challenge: teething. Diarrhea, fever, oh-my...

Most Memorable Moment: hearing you say "mama" and "dada"

Food: Mr. Independent loves to feed himself and grows very upset should you try to assist

 sleep training lasted all of two days before mama and papa missed the co-sleeping snuggles too much. The first day was rough (see baby monitor photo below), but we now know it can be done successfully when we are all ready.

Favorite Photo: 

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  1. Incident report?? What happened???
    I love that O already has a strong little independent streak. Have you tried letting him eat baby yogurt on his own? Prepare for an epic (but fun) mess!
    Awwww, look at the sleeping baby. And, I feel you - sleep train when you're ready!!


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