Monday Musings

Feb 13, 2017

Grab button for mm
  1. Liking the idea of Naked Manicure.
  2. One thing you can do for yourself everyday.
  3. Lupita
  4. Tracking your joy.
  5. The idea of Bullet Journaling is swoon worthy. In my (new mom) reality, I don't need another thing to keep up with and shall continuing making lists on my phone.
  6. Excited to use the concept of a "whole house palette" when we (finally) tackle our living/dining renovation this year.
  7. Definitely need to put these questions to use when I shop.
  8. On {Political} Self Care.
  9. Series Commitment rings. hahahaha
  10. What to ask yourself when you want to quit. Preach. Yes, I can.
also, this: I've spent all week researching to step up my skin care regime: eye cream (holy luggage), face exfoliant, and a great face mask that doesn't irritate my skin. If you've got any faves, I'm all ears. 

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