Owen: Month Ten

Feb 1, 2017

Two adorable, teeny teeth made their debut, thus giving you cause to smile and grin constantly, to show them off. You are standing solo for longer stretches with confidence, starting to cruise along furniture, pointing  -- be it at something you want, or because you want us to tell you the name of said object and pulling all of mama's shoes out of the closet as she gets dressed each day. 

Biggest Milestone: two teeth!

Hardest Challenge: keeping you from no-no's: outlets, blinds, pulling on the baby gate like a prisoner...

Most Memorable Moment: seeing that proud and handsome smile after those two teeth finally came through. 

Food: Give him all the food. All of it. Especially Sweet Potato in any form. Thus far you are still going strong with five bottles a day plus solids (snacks, lunch, dinner), further befuddling your parents as to how you can house so much food constantly. #alwayshungry

 8:30/9 - 7/7:30. Bedtime slowly creeps to later and the antics ensue. Think (happy) banshee screams and behavior reminiscent of someone who had to much sugar, followed (semi promptly) but passing out. Equally hilarious and exhausting.

Favorite Photo: 

Thanks for the dapper hat "auntie" Angie

looking back: {month} one/two/three/four/five/six/seven/eight/nine

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  1. YAY for the teeth!
    Perhaps all that food is just a glimpse of the teenage years? I kid you not, I'm constantly feeding Marcus snacks, and at dinner time as he's downing his food I'm all, "WHERE DOES IT ALL GO?!"


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