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Mar 6, 2017

the bags under my eyes are FRIGHTENING

Historically speaking my skin has been normal, with PMS related blemishes to keep my humble. I have vivid memories growing up using Avon Clearskin face scrub, popping zits and using menthol campor (as chapstick) to round out my skincare routine. These days my skin has taken on somewhat of a hybrid status, vacillating between normal and hormonal blemish connect-the-dots postpartum (plus I'm 34 and a half). Thus, it requires a bit more TLC so I've been working on being mindful (read: find and adopt a skincare routine) because aging is REAL and I am vain. 

Cleanser: Cetaphil (am)/Face Wipe (pm)
Scrub: O.R.G. Mineral Peel (every other day in lieu of using cleanser)
Toner: Witch Hazel (in a teeny spritz bottle) +  a spritz of Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
Eye Cream: Algenist Eye Renewal
Blemishes: Persa Gel 10
Serum: Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Moisturizer: Kiehls
Lip: some variation of chapstick

Confession. I'm completely obsessed with the Rose Face Mist. It is so lovely and refreshing! Confession, dos: I'm horrific about washing my face at night -- so much so that I bought fancy-ish wipes to really make it easy on myself and I'm proud/ashamed to say my record to date is about 50/50. It's been almost a month since starting to use eye cream -- truthfully I probably have unrealistic expectations that a product could make me look less like I never sleep and more like I sleep mostly through the night (insomnia is the worst) so...I'm working through that one, clearly. Totally my own worst critic. I've been a devout user of persa gel since my college roommate Emily introduced me to it and use the serum only days I micro peel/mask and during the winter otherwise by day's end my face is a greasy mess.

On the hunt for: a face scrub and face mask I love -- my sister Jennifer gave me a mask that almost took off my face with it (granted it was expired and I did not realize that till after because I forgot it was in my cabinet until a year later), lip scrub because I'm just about out of my Mary Kay kit and wanna spice it up a bit. I'm constantly on the hunt for chapstick -- currently I'm using Drunk Elephant and its just ok so I won't link it. I also need a chapstick with SPF (lip sunburn is a thing and I continue to forget this until I get it every.time), and I'm flirting with the idea of a tinted chapstick for when I'm feeling flirty, but I'm not sure I'm ready to be THAT fancy, ya know?

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to come to my house each morning and be my make up artist, I'd gladly oblige and will provide both a delicious breakfast and coffee. Until then I'll stick to wearing makeup for weddings.  And by for, I mean when I'm in a wedding. #lowestmaintenance

What is your current skincare routine (or lack thereof)? 

Any under eye tips? Mine are palatial and its unsettling.

Must-have products?

Should I wear mascara/get lashes? 


  1. I'm also pretty low maintenance when it comes to skin care, but I have started using a serum and night moisturizer which has made a huge difference in my skin. I bought a sampler of Laneige at Target $30.00 which has a serum I use under my eyes at night, and a moisturizer and night water mask. I get horrific under eye bags, which I have not found any product to completely take care of, but this does make them appear less tired and more bright. I also use NARS creamy concealer under the eyes and NARS tinted moisturizer which helps make my skin look more smooth and even and my eyes less tired. I don't wear mascara every day, but I do curl my lashes, which just gives the eyes an extra pop.

  2. My routine is lacking due to laziness, but I feel like I'm aging overnight! I'm definitely noticing more lines around the eyes and mouth. It's been hard to find an eye cream that doesn't dry out the skin come morning. I normally like L'Occitane's moisturizers, as the shea butter doesn't irritate my rosacea-prone cheeks. I've been experimenting with Josie Maran's argan oils because I feel I may need something a little heavier/moisturizing. For masks, I do like Peter Thomas Roth's pumpkin enzyme mask. It smells just like pumpkin pie (hard not to try and eat! lol) and while it stings a bit when first on, it really does a good job. It is expensive, but a little goes a long way and the jar lasts a long time. I wear mascara every day. I can't use a curler for some reason, but the mascara I used is supposed to mimic curled lashes; it's Lancome's hypnose doll lashes. I like it the best of all the ones I tried, but I don't know if I'd say it's just like using a curler. For lips, I use EOS ones, but I'm still on the hunt for that perfect balm. -Laura G.

    1. The pumpkin mask sounds divine, putting that on my list to try, Thanks!

  3. Almost took off your face, ha! Super proud you got night wipes. And that you sometimes use them. ;P

  4. I'm just finishing a course of Accutane -- so great! But maybe more than what you need? Alternatively, you might look into topical retinoids, which will make your skin less acne-prone and more wrinkle-free. The BEST lip balm is Aquaphor healing ointment.


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