Mar 20, 2017

baby burrito on his birth day

I cannot believe this sweet face is one year old. Owen is a kind, happy, independent little boy who loves to snuggle, sneak snacks to Miles and Rubin and doesn't mind being smothered in kisses (and giving slobbery kisses in return!). He is happiest exploring, locating every light "yight" fixture, ceiling fan (by making a whirling motion with his index finger) and car "carrrrr" in his sight, and much prefers to eat -- anything. 

Happy first birthday Owen! 

//photo session gifted by our uber talented friend Patrick who captured the subtleties of Owen's personality beautifully.

//birth story.


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are everything!
    Happiest ONE to O! And, happy BIRTH day to you!

  2. Amazing photos! Happy birthday, Owen!


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