PHX + Presidents Day Weekend

Mar 22, 2017


Last month, my father in law planned(!) a Piper family trip to visit the boy's maternal grandparents and extended family in Phoenix. The weather was lovely, we all stayed together at the Thunderbird, set out on a few family hikes (baby wearing is a WORKOUT) and spent the week together.  


Cucina Tagliani had a baked spaghetti squash that I'll be recreating at home in the near future. 

Rainbow Donuts is a super affordable donut fix.

Bario Cafe home to some killer murals and made me a believer that guac with pomegranate is -- YES.


Heard Museum a bit expensive IMO but worth a visit if that's your cup of tea. My niece knew an impressive amount on katsina dolls, so it was a treat to have her point them out to me.

Papago Park leisurely area to walk/ hike and lookout into downtown. 

Thunderbird Conservation Park gorgeous views, a bit rocky/slippery but worth it.

The day after returning home, our friends Tom, Jess and Isla made a special visit to STL to see us/scout for homes. We spent the long weekend letting the babies play, catching up in person and consuming copious amounts of -- everything. To say we are counting down the months until their return is an understatement. Thankfully, we will see them in a few months, when we visit them in the UK!

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