Working On My (Postpartum) Fitness: January

Mar 3, 2017

The act of moving, even if it's just a few moments each day and tracking my steps reminds me, daily that I need to make a concerted effort to take time to exercise. We signed Owen up for swimming classes which has proved to be a killer leg workout for mama, Mark loves any excuse to be in the water and Owen, well -- he's indifferent even when going under water, which I'll take any day over fear. 

1 plank 30s f/s/f/s/f, alt bosu side squats 2x20, bosu glute raise 3x15, body squats w/ Owen 20

2 planks 45s f/s/s, push ups 10

3 rest day

4 planks 30s f/s/s, bosu squats with Owen 2x10, TAM express arms/shldrs 5lb weights

5 TAM express legs

6 bosu squats w/ Owen 10, bosu planks knees 20, plank 30

7 ? = rest day

8 rest

9 rest

10 squats x20, curtesy lunges x10, high knees x20

11 plank 30s f/s/s

12 rest

13 squats x20

14 bosu glute bridges 2x20, bosu plank 45s, bosu crunches 2x25

15 20 curtesy lunges/15 push ups/400m run x2

16 rest

17 10 min yoga video

18 rest

19 21-15-9 thrusters, plank rows (w/o weights), Russian twists. 5# weights

20 rest

21 rest

22 rest

23  21/15/9 kb swings, sdhp, push ups 3x (pulled muscle in shldr blade, ugh)

24 rest

25 tam express abs + 30s plank cross knees

26 rest

27 rest

28 rest

29 forearm plank/Russian twist w/ 5lb/plank cross knees 30s x 3

30 rest

31 rest

1 comment:

  1. YAY for lessons going well for everyone! I can't tell you how happy that makes the swim instructor in me.
    And. CRUSHING the workouts!


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