14 Things We've Ate, As Of Late

Apr 24, 2017

Where do I begin?! There have been so many recipes we've tried recently (specifically September to March) that leap off the page and scream, "cook me NOW" so we did. Below are the latest creations from our kitchen and tested by three very discerning palates :) 

Each recipe based solely on taste (see below star ratings key). 

Also of note: We recently invested in a quality frother (the last one, one of those sticks, broke minutes after I opened it) and espresso maker to elevate our coffee and let me tell you -- GAME CHANGER. During the week we opt to make drip coffee (no muss, no fuss -- bonus points if we remember to set the timer), leaving espresso for weekends when we have ample time to brew without rushing around. The frother even comes with a little chart on how to make lattes/mochas/cappuccinos!

*Apple, Carrot Cheese Bites -- easy to make and held up well in the fridge and were great to have on hand.

**Corn Dog in a Bowl -- because when you have cheesy polenta, everything tastes better.

**Butternut Squash Chili -- hearty spin on a classic culled from McDaniel Nutrition (my nutritionist!) who has a FREE weekly newsletter with meal ideas.  

***Chocolate Pretzel Bars -- a sweet thank you treat for Owen's teachers.

*Butter Roasted Chicken -- need to try this one again; first go came out dry.

****Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado Cream -- cannot wait to make this one again. Flavor town.

****Everything in the Pantry Cookies -- loved these so much they got a blog post of their own.

**Oven Fajitas -- quick meal idea, in one pan!

****Smoked Brisket/Chicken wings (for Super Bowl) -- we had people over and Mark used the smoker. Man oh man, so good.

***Zuppa Toscana -- made this in the crock pot (brown the sausage first) for a truly effortless meal.

***Sausage +  Kale Pasta -- whipped this up on a whim: brown sausage, set aside. Wilt Kale in sausage pan. Toss with your favorite pasta and a little/lot fresh parmesan.

**Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting -- Happy Birthday to my baby daddy!

**Drunken Chorizo Rice -- we demolished this in two days. From the cookbook, Mexican Today.

****Cauliflower Shawarma Tacos -- another winner from Molly On The Range


** very good
*** excellent
**** extraordinary

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