Monday Musings

Apr 3, 2017

Grab button for mm

  1. Sweet flight.
  2. If you're in need of a laugh. New-to-me must sees: In A World, Election, Private Benjamin and When Harry Met Sally.  I smell a movie night.
  3. Runner's World has a Podcast
  4. Hustle.
  5. There are SIXTY-ONE different names for sugar. Yikes.
  6. Can't wait to try this.
  7. Social Media is a garden.
  8. Really want to eat (not prepare) this ice cream.
  9. Number 24 is my new normal. 
  10. Company/GPS/cheering section while on a long run.
  11. Ali On The Run has a podcast!
  12. British accents + villains
  13. Adulting.
  14. Liking the newest season of DWTS nick/petaheather/maks(alan)bonner/sharnasimone/sashachris/whitneyrashad/emma
  15. Why is so hard for women to be selfish?
  16. 10 Days along the US/Mexico border.
  17. I'm holding strong in "it's complicated" with my (running) relationship.
  18. On repeat: Handclap. Thanks, Jennifer ;)
  19. Ballerina's in Puerto Rico
  20. The art of 30 minute meals.

also, this: Sparkling Kevita is yummy and a branch out from my usuals of coffee/water/lacroix/tea. Instacart is finally in STL and I'm waiting the right time to use it -- anything to make life easier, I'm in. Cutex one step pad are genius. Saw 50 Shades darker, and rewatch it again for the pommel horse scene alone. Lusting over Christian Grey's apartment and I totally caught the working girl reference. Liking Big Little Lies (the finale is -- anticipation!), Master Chef Junior. Trade Joe's ditalini, kale, cauliflower pasta is quick easy and loved by the whole family, close runner up?Sam's Panera Tortilla soup. Finally got a new purse and looooove it. Finally, I'm starting the Whole30 4/1, any tips?

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