Monday Musings

Apr 24, 2017

Grab button for mm

  1. Mannequin with James Corden/Victoria Beckham. See also, her line at Target.
  2. The fight continues, equal pay.
  3. Sorry (not sorry) for the delayed response...
  4. Makes me want to throw another party. For those counting, it's been almost two weeks since the last one. 
  5. This workout looks like just the ticket.
  6. Crushing hard on blush colored sneakers. ISO: mom shoes. I really think allbirds (in a fun color) would be winners (hello, no socks needed). Thoughts?
  7. The future is, now: 3D printing/transportation/airbus concept
  8. Quintessentially, a Virgo.
  9. I'm always late. Always.
  10. Need these for summer.
also, this: Greenleaf.  Another Netflix find that we swiftly binged through season one. Devastated this sandal is out of stock, the blush color is divine!

In DWTS fandom, week three: Normani! Rashad!; every dance in week four (I sob every Most Memorable Year episode). Week 5: Heather, Normani, Nancy.

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