Photo Diary: #bsbvegas

Apr 28, 2017

I've been a diehard Backstreet Boys fan since high school and vividly recall making signs for and attending their concert with my pal Angie.  Fast forward a few (ha!) years and we'eve seen them each time they've come to St. Louis (including an all day GNO and my bachelorette party) with the same school girl affection. So when their Vegas residency was announced it was a given we HAD to see them again. Thus, a trip was born.

Thankfully Mark was onboard with tagging along so I didn't have to leave Owen since we have family with a condo there (we stayed with them a few years back during this trip*) a quintessential selling point in convincing Mark it was a great idea for the entire family to go. Win-win!

It goes without saying I HAD to bake cookies because, kitchen goals.

Hangover = steak breakfast burrito + endless coffee

Champagne wishes...

Hoover Dam

Dress from RTR. Owen's BSB tee is DIY

Bobbys Burgers -- came here last trip and had to make a stop this time. Potato chips on burgers is so yummy. 

Jaleo -- playing fast and loose with bedtime on a travel day proved to be idiotic as Owen melted down moments after the first round of tapas arrived, which included this bonkers iberico ham that makes my mouth salivate just thinking about it. I opted to head back with Owen while Mark and his aunt/uncle caught up. Our waiter walked me back to the hotel, opening doors along the way (stroller navigating Vegas is REAL). Talk about kindness!

JalapeƱo Margarita (somewhere in the Cosmopolitan) -- slow heat, followed by a one-two punch of tequila.  YES.

Herringbone -- pre-concert sustenance whereupon we ate and drank ourselves silly. I finally tried (and loved) Perrier Jouet. (makes mental note to put on grocery list)

Mandarin Oriental -- champagne vending machine (drops mic). Our aunt graciously offered to watch Owen one night so we walked the strip, shopped a little and swung by the champagne vending machine (I squealed like a kid in a candy store) before heading back to the condo. Also of note: their pool is a slice of heaven.  Serene and family friendly, perfect for a day in the sun. 

Ferraros -- located off the strip, with delicious fare. Bonus points if you have a glass of wine with dinner. 

Bruxies -- Crispy, tender chicken sandwiched between a waffle. His: Original. Hers: Nashville Hot.

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay -- Mark was adamant about taking Owen to the aquarium and once inside I understood why, it was awesome. Pro tip: buy your tickets beforehand. We stood in line for at least 30 minutes.

Backstreet Boys brought their A-game with ninety minutes of non-stop dancing, singing and screaming in a theater cozy enough you felt like you were apart of the show. I totally copied Kaitlyn and took off my shoes to maximize dancing with reckless abandon, and still woke up with bruises the next day from dancing so much.  Post concert we popped over to the outdoor after party for a bit  before yours truly called it a night and turned into a pumpkin.

This weekend was Larger than Life. 

Bad pun, intended.

*part two of SB-SD-LAS {part one} is still in my drafts folder...

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