Apr 20, 2017

Planning for Owen's first birthday was -- so.much.fun. Then again, I need nary an excuse to host a fiesta. This isn't news to anyone.

We knew we wanted the party at home, mid afternoon, with minimal mid party fuss.  Mark went to task smoking a turkey and I baked the smash cake/cupcakes.  Everything else fell into place, minus the untimely debut of Owen's two top teeth -- teething is the, worst.

Theme: music, inspired by his music class {mood board}

smoked turkey/hawaiian rolls
hummus/pita chips/baby carrots
baked brie/french bread
mini italian cookies
cake/cupcakes: recipe: Molly Yeh
buttercream frosting: Straub's

cake flags, party hats, decorative fans, garlands, chalkboard -- Target dollar aisle
cups: kids/adults

giant #1 finger painted with Jennifer (balloons from $1 store)
musical instruments borrowed/gifted by my friend Kelly and my mom

Grandpa (Piper) and Grandma (Ginger)

Owen's outfit: t-shirt/pants {similar print}

This picture makes me so proud! Mark took the cake away, while I fully intended to watch in bewildered amazement as he went for the gold. 

We celebrated his birth-day with a special midday trip for his favorite treat (the tasting spoons are perfect for toddler hands!), walked a new-to-us park and finished off his special day with mini cupcakes after dinner. Totally carrying this new tradition forward in years to come.

(Sole) Family photo from the fiesta (one year photo shoot) -- I always have such good intentions to snap tons then time zooms by.  Signs of a great party? I think so.

The afternoon was spent surrounded by friends and family, watching all the kids play and eating cupcakes, lots of cupcakes.

I'd say a good time was had by all.


  1. So cute and so fun. Happy birthday Owen!

  2. Party planning is the best when it comes to kiddos! ODP's birthday was perfect in every way!!
    Look at him getting after that cake!


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