Working On My Postpartum Fitness: April

May 19, 2017

This month marked the start of The Whole30 and some delightfully incredible weather round these parts making running in the park (I'm rocking one day a week as of late, progress!), walks to the library, and long leisurely family strolls.

1 2hr walk

2 rest

3 rest

4 Went out to the garage for my inaugural treadmill run (in its new home) and .10 into my warm up the belt tangled. Eff.

5 (60s each; R then L) 90' leg pulses + hamstring curls, hip up pulses w/ chest press + raised leg hip up pulses w/ bicep curls {via FFF tv}

6 rest

7 rest

8 rest

9 rest

10 rest

11 2 x 10 reps push ups, dips, cross kneed plank

12 rest

13 rest

14 Good Friday, indeed. 1:15hr run in my favorite park with my favorite tiny human

15 rest

16 rest

17 rest

18 rest

19 Run Forest Park 3.34mi 

20 rest

21 rest

22 rest 

23 walk 1hr

24 rest 

25 Barefoot Blonde abs (25 reps/30s plank) -- these SMOKED my core. 

26 rest 

27 run 2mi w/ ODP

28 rest 

29 rest

30 25 reps single leg hip thrusts + hip thrusts {Barefoot Blonde abs}

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