Monday Musings

Jun 12, 2017

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  1. These Chicago airbnb's are definitely worth planning a trip around. For a Cubs game perhaps? 
  2. One day I will tempt my gnat like attention span and bake this cake.
  3. Interview Hungry Runner Girl, Janae Baron. I volunteer to be her new best friend.
  4. Instagram (story) tips, not that I'll be tempting IG stories, anytime soon.
  5. The Hard Sell
  6. On FOMO and social media.
  7. Surprise Me.
  8. Gang's all here: Cava, Prosecco, Champagne.
  9. Microsoft. Facebook. Alphabet. Amazon. Apple.
  10. Will & Grace!
also, this: On our last trip to Trader Joe's I picked up blueberry acai face scrub (smells incredible!) and mango tangerine candle, the candle is on par with my favorite high end brands for 1/3 the cost, SCORE.

DWTS: Semi-Finals: Normani (waltz/jazz), David (foxtrot/tango), Rashad, and Whitney/Artem's performance.  Finals: I usually find the finales to be drawn out and filled with fluff but this year was so well done I watched the entire episode {part one/two}. I was a little surprised with the outcome, namely 2nd/3rd place -- bring on the new season in September!

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