Working On My {PostPartum} Fitness: May

Jun 14, 2017

We spent the better part of the month on holiday, hiking (and eating!) our way through England and Iceland (posts coming soon!), and let me tell you baby wearing a toddler is no joke, but totally worth it -- the above photo was taken in Gljúfrabúi waterfall in Iceland and tops the list of most memorable moments. And while I didn't bring my Garmin or keep a log, I'd venture to say May was active with a capital "A". 

1 rest

2 run Lafayette Park 2.63 mi (then got ice cream afterwards)

3 rest

4 25 reps each: counter push ups, squats, curtsy lunges

5 rest

6 early morning family walk Botanical Garden (it's FREE on Wed/Sat before noon)

7 rest

8 Barefoot Blonde abs (thru plank pulse) 25 reps

9 rest

10 30min Walk

11 rest

12 Tracy Anderson Method Express upper body w/ 2lb weights (depart for Princeton)

13 1hr Walk in England! Pushing through on the first day of travel (and loads of coffee!) really helps me combat jet lag

14 Walk 40min

15 rest (depart for the Cotswolds)

16 FabFitFun TV Yoga 20min

17 rest

18 rest (depart for Cambridge)

19 rest (depart for London)

20 rest 

21 rest  (depart for Iceland)

22 rest

23 rest 

24 rest 

25 rest 

26 rest (depart for Chicago)

27 rest  (depart and head home!!)

28 1hr family walk

29 rest 

30 rest 

31 Walk 45min

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