Baby Favorites: Twelve Months

Jul 10, 2017

bed & bath

shea moisture kids shampoo/conditioner -- Owen's curls have become unruly as of late (because I decided curls didn't need to be combed #momfail), so aden and anais hair/body wash is no longer cutting it (for his hair). So far, using a separate shampoo has been easy on his eyes (not labeled as tear free), smells lovely and conditions/defines his curls like a champ. I wash/rinse his hair once, add conditioner, comb thru with a tangle teezer (all the hallelujah hands, cannot recommend this highly enough) and let it sit while he plays. Then rinse, pat excess water (hair's still damp), add argan oil, then curl smoothie. I apply curl smoothie each morning too, because, bed head.

bath mat keeps him from sliding around and hangs to dry before folding for storage.

toothbrush/toothpaste he loves mimicking/helping us and is positively giddy when he gets his. I just ordered him a children's electric toothbrush like ours, fingers crossed he likes it!

pacifier/clip finding an age appropriate, orthodontic pacifier like the wubbanub was a PAIN -- we went through 4 kinds (and many a meltdown, from both of us) before he took to this one {and this one}, praise God. When the clip arrived Mark said "$15 for a piece of fabric?!" Touche.

wipe holder  the first one I purchased kept drying out wipes, so far this one rocks.

this sunscreen provides great coverage.

not one for bath toys this octopus is the only thing aside from this he'll feign interest in whilst bathing. Splashing is way more fun...

clothes & shoes

pajamas: long/short

baby legs perfect to save his little knees from hardwood floors once he started crawling.

hat, because bear ears...

tucker + tate socks have the cutest prints!

tea collection last forever and are great quality. 

boden reversible pants last forever and wash brilliantly.

gap jackets: reversible/knit

cat and jack tees adorable, reasonably priced which is reason 232657879 I adore Target.

swim diaper is little baby speedo...eeep. Washable and cheaper than disposable.  More on my affinity for cloth diapers, HERE.

booties love, love, love these and was devastated when he outgrew them.

moccasins wears into a gorgeous patina and do not come off easily.


Like most toddlers, his attention span is lightning fast -- these are a sampling of what he reaches for more often than not: linkstent (perfect for rousing games of peek-a-boo), cellphonestacking cupsdance mat (he knows and only plays his favorite songs), little tykes activity gardenhide and squeak eggs, baby einstein music toy + highchair toy {similar}, dinokeys (he is not fooled by these and still screams for mine).


He is still pretty easygoing and will eat anything, literally ANYTHING, and in mass quantities. We serve him whatever we eat at mealtime, with snacks being a semi constant rotation of: fruit (fresh and canned),  creamiesyogurt drops, puffs, pouches: homemade/happy baby/ella's kitchen, annie's yogurt tubes, string cheese, avocado, cheerios and anything we snack on because, baby likes snacks.

This high chair is so easy to clean and on days I feel jazzy, add this placemat. While on the go I reach for: snack cupfood containerslunch box (this travels thru TSA like a champ!). He uses these sippy cups, these for water, 8 oz milk, 10 oz milk. He is very into feeding himself and these silicone bowl/plate along with utensils give him the autonomy to do just that giving Mark and I a fighting chance to consume our meal, warm. He is staunch anti-bib these days so we just roll with it and keep lots of Shout on hand.


He/we vacillates through our gamut of books, but the current favorites are: giraffes can't dance (thanks Desiree!), the gruffalothe going to bed book, the very hungry caterpillar, alpha blockhere come the rubbadubbersthis is not my hatthe foot book.


this stroller travel bag provides cushioned protection (and has wheels!) and guarantees the safety of your stroller from airport gymnastics. I can break down our stroller (affectionately known as the "workhorse", and my personal FAVORITE baby item of all time) in less than 60 seconds -- and know this because we barely made our flight to Iceland (post coming soon!) and that was all the time I was allotted before the doors closed. 

Mark HAD to have an umbrella stroller. I was vehemently against more things, but I will say it is a savior at baseball games (and the like) considering we've been carrying him to and fro with no idea you could bring compact strollers?! Game changer. The storage basket and back pocket are convenient and roomy, but the sunshade provides ZERO actual shade.


blind cord winder

forehead/ear thermometer totally copied our pediatrician, works like a charm!

our banister and railings are (we think) original to our house so drilling into them was out of the question.  Mark instead built a housing (think protective sleeve) around the post (drilling only into the wall) for our top of stairs baby gate.

What are some of your favorite baby items?


six month favorites

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