Meal Delivery: Vero Pizza & Pasta

Jul 26, 2017

Meal delivery It's everywhere. You know the premise, I won't bore you with details. 

But(!) I shall wax poetically, because when the service is local, run by a family, and the food is bite-your-lip-amazing, I must.  Also, this not sponsored.

Hey, Vero, HEY (waves like a schoolgirl)

We usually split the box (new recipes every two weeks) into three meals {pizza/pasta kit} and by far, the tomato sauce changed Mark's life while Owen chose to bathe in it. 

If I had to list my favorites thus far it'd be tied between fiori pasta/lemon cream/arugula,  and the tomato paccheri for pasta and for pizza - speck and arugula.

File this under, NEED.

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