Working On My {Postpartum} Fitness: June

Jul 14, 2017

My middle sister's insurance incentives healthy living so she's been tracking her steps racking up points to redeem prizes (to Amazon!!) so we've been in a friendly competition for the last month using Stridekick (@marciaelise) to keep track. While I'm all for getting in exercise, wearing my garmin "does not go with any of my outfits". 

1 rest
2 walk 45min in Tower Grove Park with a pit stop at the splash pad
3 walk 30min -- a slow jaunt to get doughnuts, masqueraded as exercise
4 rest
5 50 kb swings
6 rest
7 cosmo abs + goop arms
8 rest
9 rest -- does walking to Food Truck Friday count?
10 1.95mi walk, aka a coffee/breakfast stop on our way to the bubble bus
11 3.68mi walk
12 2x10 squats/curtsy lunges/push-ups
13 rest
14 rest
15 rest
16 rest
17 rest
18 (Father's Day) rest
19 rest
20 rest
21 rest
22 rest
23 rest
24 walk 1.90mi with family
25 rest
26 TAM express arms/shoulders + 30s plank f/s/s/f (BEFORE WORK!!!)
27 rest
28 rest -- does walking to Whittaker Music (with wine in hand) count?
29 rest
30 rest

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