In Defense Of: The Dot Journal

Dec 13, 2017

I've resisted Dot Journaling simply because I assumed it would lock me into a proverbial box and throw away the key to my "artistic bliss" (read: unwavering OCD), but I can firmly attest that is certainly not the case. Dot Journaling truly is whatever you want it to be -- the book is a breeze jam packed with handy tips, creative layouts and ideas for literally all the lists floating around in your head.

Early into this endeavor I learned to throw caution to the wind and just try it, and not stress (too much) over crooked lines, bleeding pens and bad penmanship. For my first journal, I used a adorable notebook full of photos I had created on Shutterfly months ago and promptly forgot about it.  Over the next week I took my journal with me everywhere (as evident by the blurred out pages numbers thanks to a rogue blueberry in my handbag) and really took care in crafting a journal that would a) address my needs b) I wouldn't wholly abandon before the ink dried.

After that trial, I learned I rely heavily on the alarm reminders on my phone and thus re-focused my journal as a touch stone to live on my bedside, where I could (ideally) unwind from my day and jot down a few notes and memorable moments along the way. A good friend (Hi C!) journals a sentence each night with her husband which is so lovely and what I aspire to.

Do you Dot/Bullet Journal? If so, share your favorite tips/tricks!


  1. Replies
    1. It's far easier than I anticipated. Granted, I still need to make time each day to write an entry...

  2. Hi M! I follow a bunch of bullet journalers on Instagram ... some people make really labor-intensive weekly calendars! (I assume that these people do not have children, and perhaps are not employed full time?)


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