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Jan 3, 2018

This photo is from my friends wedding at the end of August, and probably the last time I broke a legitimate  (albeit pinot grigio induced) sweat. In an act of sheer genius/desperation, I enrolled in prenatal yoga much earlier this time around, not only for the one-on-one time with this sweet babe, but to put my rarely used (unless lifting/toting a 30lb toddler counts) muscles to work again. Here's hoping now that the first trimester fatigue is ever so slowly lifting I can get back to it because labor is a marathon, not a sprint -- and I'm going to need all the help I can get.

1 hot yoga (60mins)
3 walk 1.5hr forest park
4 walk 2hr creve coeur park
5 walk 2.18mi a tower grove park
8 walk 1hr Princeton
9 rest; Loufest (positive pregnancy test!!)
14 push ups, planks, wall sits
16 bike 4.83mi (with our new bike trailer! Owen was less than enthused and fell asleep)
27 tracy anderson method express legs

15 tracy anderson method express upper body
25 prenatal yoga

1 prenatal yoga
2 KB swings x 25
4 10 push ups, 30 KB pull ups
5 walk to coffee with family
6 curtsy lunges x10
8 prenatal yoga (90 mins)
9 yoga (45 mins)
18 walk to get turducken croissants, in the pouring rain #priorities
23 speed play
27 side squat + curl x24, reverse lunge high knee with press x20, curtesy lunges x30
29 prenatal yoga

1 50 KB swings
6 prenatal yoga
13 prenatal yoga
15 rest; Garden Glow
27 prenatal yoga

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