Working On My Gestating Fitness: January

Feb 23, 2018

 Making time to squeeze in a workout, even if it was only 10 minutes totally helped this month.  In addition, I've been wearing my Garmin (let's connect! @marciaelise) in an effort to rack up any form of physical exercise. It also doesn't hurt that Owen loves to workout with me (albeit, he steals my weights and wants to use me as a jungle gym) -- mental note, video him doing squats.  Cutest thing, ever.

1 Good for the Swole (Instagram) Pregnancy -- two rounds; plank 30s, walking lunges x20, side plank 30s, squat press w/ weights x15

3 Prenatal Yoga

9 20 min walk

10 15 min walk

11 Cupcakes and Cashmere -- 2 rounds 

14 Mama and me yoga (45 mins)

16 KB swings, goblet squats, KB pull ups (25 each)

17 20 min walk 

25 Yoga (at work) 45 mins

27 1.82 mile walk 

31 TAM Pregnancy Project (month six) arms

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