The Business Of Being Knocked Up (Bebe' Dos): Second Trimester

May 15, 2018

Digestive issues got me like - Uber uncomfortable.  Thank goodness for prunes. Despite being cold around the clock and the persistent need to pee, the second trimester is a dream! Started thumbing through my Bradley Method {book} notes and feel like I’ve forgotten EVERYTHING.


No food aversions, none!! I find myself eating day, night, and every moment in between. Plus snacks. Meal planning is still a joke, and packing food for work is futile because it sounds edible whilst I pack, and once I go to consume said food, it sounds about as appealing as a root canal.

Minimal effort. MINIMAL:  Sept-DecJanuaryFebruary

Total Weight Gain: 20.4lbs

Surprises About Being Pregnant
Feeling those first flutter kicks are the best! This time they began sooner which is absolutely welcome, in my book. The human body does incredible things.

New This Time
My hair, oh man. It is so dry and tangled it resembles a rats nest, on a good day. My feet and legs swell a bit as the day draws on — nothing major, but enough for me to take notice because, ouch. Compression socks make it worse.

 This Bebe is riding low, low, lower than my first pregnancy which is a welcome reprieve for my ribs.  My bladder and sciatic nerve, on the other hand, would like you to ease up a bit...

Bought Anything
 Wubanub, wet/dry bag, and adorable outfit and lamb romper, plus this sweater that I stopped wearing daily only because Spring finally arrived and its 80+ degrees outside.

Calls to my OB
One, tearful call standing in the middle of the pharmacy as she tried to patiently explain that no, I probably had no broken ribs, and the only relief I could try was Tylenol for an awful week-long cold.

week 14: (ATL business trip) Bump, there it is. Hello maternity wardrobe. Oh how I've missed your coziness.

week 17: boob aches.  Expert level exhaustion.  My skin is sooooo dry.

week 18: my boobs hurt, infinity. constipation, station. You kick, and flip.

week 20: rib pain. Prunes, help? Kicks are getting more noticeable.  Fatigue fog is alllmost disspated.

week 21: I can feel your kicks externally! Moods swings. 

week 22: My ribs feel like they are being stretched over a canvas...  Also, I split my maternity pants. Gestational self esteem: 1, Marcia: 0.  Midnight eating, not snacking.

week 23: Sitting low, low, LOW. My lungs say "thank you". My bladder says "scoot over a bit".

week 24: (Chicago/Princeton for Christmas) Cold from, HELL. Can you fracture ribs from coughing?

week 25: (Chicago business trip) Resting snugly on my sciatic nerve.

week 27: (Family trip to Denver where we were minutes from missing our flights) Hello Braxton, Hello Hicks.

First Trimester/Owen
Second Trimester: Owen

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