Working On My Prenatal Fitness: March & April

May 21, 2018

This pregnancy has been humbling (understatement!) in that what I "thought" I would be able to do (working out 5/6 days a week like with my 1st pregnancy, to start) and reality were vastly different. This go round I'm so utterly exhausted the mere thought of physical exertion makes me want to weep. Or vomit. So I wear my Garmin daily and try to walk as much as possible.  And while I'm not diligent in recording, the sheer act of doing something makes me feel a bit better.

2 walk 10 minutes

5 walk to library .90mi

27 Krav Maga/Self Defense class - a peer is an instructor so we got a small group together . So. Much. Fun.


10 walk to/from drop car off for detailing before bebe dos arrives.

11 walk to/from drop off Mark's car for detailing (he legit said my car looked "brand new" and changed his mind real quick about the same service for his vehicle). Also, walked to lunch and ran an errand to parking office. Overdid it real good and had Braxton Hicks like a mother.

13 walk O to school

20 walk O to school

21 30 min walk to/from dinner

(?) walk to post office, Jimmy Johns

27 walk to city garden for lunch. I say Braxton, you say Hicks...

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