Asher: Month, One

Jun 25, 2018

Theory of relativity over, here. HOW has a month passed since this sweet lil nugget blessed our family?! I can’t, I won’t, be rational because he’s basically walking. 

Biggest Milestone breastfeeding remains one of my fondest bonding moments

Hardest Challenge tied between cluster feeding and when it seems as if total hell has broken loose and everyone is sobbing

Most Memorable Moment those intoxicating baby snuggles whereupon you forget you haven’t showered, sleep consists of “naps” and the days blur together. I’d forgo sleep and sanity forever in lieu of those baby snuggles

Favorite Photo

Longest Stretch of Sleep I’m crying and laughing because, NEWBORNS

And in celebration of his first month (we survived, hooray!), a video:

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