Asher: Month, Two

Aug 13, 2018

Smiles, coo's, head control - Oh My!

Biggest Milestone: Head control. Homeboy loves to explore his surroundings. When Mark consoles him they walk laps around the house, and up/down the stairs, taking everything in. Pretty sure you are trying to rollover too. 

Hardest Challenge:  Baby wearing during the summer. Which is a catch-22 because yes to 24/7 snuggles, but man by the outings end, we are both drenched in sweat.  

Most Memorable Moment: Repeated diaper explosions all.over.mama.  

Favorite Photo:

Longest Stretch of Sleep: "slept" thru the night. We think. Both parents have no actual account of the date, obviously because -we were blissfully asleep. Currently, after your evening meltdown (don't call/visit between 7p-9p), you have been sleeping 4-6 hours which we'll happily accept.

month one

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