Photo Diary: Owen & Asher

Oct 30, 2018

It is incredible what perspective brings. I recall vividly worrying about looking a certain way during Owen's newborn shoot - finding an outfit that hid my postpartum body, a magic filter to make me look miraculously less exhausted, and the like. Boy - was I foolish. Looking at photos brings about such powerful memories of that sweet, fleeting time. 

During this shoot, I remember feeling so stressed because there was literally no surface that did not need attention, as our sole focus (as it should be!) was on caring for two children.  It took about .2 seconds for me to remember Kate is a MAGICIAN and not only highlighted all the wonderful aspects of our new dynamic, effortlessly navigated our home (and made it look pristine, which it/is was 100% not) all while patiently tending to our toddler (we captured both Asher's newborn and Owen's 2 year in one shoot) and deftly handling a newborn. 

These photographs bring me such joy and I often pinch myself that this, is our family.

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